What is the difference between a live casino Malaysia and an online gambling website?

 Live casino Malaysia is different from an online casino in many ways but it is learnt that people take live gambling to be online gambling. But little do they know that live gambling give real experience but online gambling is gaming with machine or software. Playing live is like playing in a brick and mortar casino.


In this blog, we’ll discuss the features that make live gambling different from online gaming


Security and trust of live casino dealers


When you play an online casino game, you rely on random number generators or digital hands. Simply put, there is no one to listen to your demand or pay heed to your queries. You’re completely under the control of the software you’re playing with. It creates mistrust as you can neither raise any query and nor you’re allowed time to learn the basics of the game, you are interested in. All you can get in the name of information on the game is a brief description. But it isn’t that online casinos don’t put any security measures on their sites. They also imply confidence building measures.


Online casinos with live dealers attract more gamblers than their online counterparts. Presence of a dealer is seen as a confidence building measure and also an assurance of fair play and added security. Also there are many rules to protect online players. Before you put your hard earned money on a gambling table, you’ll want someone to look after the game instead of playing with computer.


Let’s understand the difference of gambling online and on a live casino with example


Online roulette has a virtual ball rolling around a virtual wheel. But onlive casino Malaysia, you see all the action happening at the roulette table. You see the croupier moving the wheel and the real ball rolling around. Also you can read faces of the gamblers. Similarly, you can enjoycard live card games – see croupier dealing with cards and the players making calculation with their cards.



It is real like experience but you’re gambling from your home and viewing the action via a live streaming video link. Betting decisions are made through a live console on the computer screen and the croupier can be informed about betting via a text chat function. The results are translated into data that players can see through software.


Playing live casino games in real


Another reason why gamblers choose live casinos is that they find live gamblers more sociable. Taking a seat at a live gambling event seems more appealing than to gambling against a machine. Playing live develops a sense of companionship and builds trust among the players and the casino. Another advantage of live gambling is that you can learn from others. Since you can see how others are betting, you learn how to wager.


How live casinos work?


Online casinos that provide live gambling service either work from their sites or television channels. A love gambling studio needs more than one cameraman and several croupiers for managing the games. Usually a live casino works at three levels –studio, server/software and analyst and also there is an IT manager to make sure that the live system of gambling doesn’t face any technical issue.


Live casinos give bonus points


How much bonus money should you offer from a live casino Malaysia? Bonus is free money and it is provided at the time of opening account. And you can expect up to 100% bonus from a live gambling website. But bonus amount differs from one live casino to another. The gamblers are advised to go through terms and conditions of using the bonus money before opening their gambling accounts with live casinos.





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