Online Casino Games for Real Money in Malaysia

At online casinos for real money in an online casino game, the results of each game will depend on the data generated through a random way of generating numbers. This provides the card order in card games, the results of the throwing of the dice, or the real time results of the spinning of a roulette wheel or slot machine. The random generator uses mathematical instructions called an algorithm to produce a series of numbers which gives the impression of randomness. Even though this is not quite the same as real generation of random numbers it offers results that satisfy the majority of requirements that determine true randomness.

When put in place correctly, a computer generated mechanism makes sure that games are both predictable and fair. However, the player has to be very trusting and believe that no rigging of the software has occurred that would give an edge to the house. The inside workings of the random generator cannot be viewed by the player. Reliable online casinos are from time to time externally audited by an independent regulator like eCOGRA to make sure that their winning percentages fall in line with the odds stated. This provides a certain amount of assurance to players that the games they are playing are fair. Of course, the player has to have a reasonable amount of trust in the nominated regulator. These are the sorts of checks and balances used by online casinos for real money.


Live dealer online casino games

It is possible to play a live casino game. This is when a human dealer is involved in the game from a casino games table in real time.  This can be viewed through live streaming via a video link. Players are able to bet using consoles on computer screens, and they can communicate directly by using a chat text function with the online dealer.

The dealer’s results after, for example,  the spinning of a roulette wheel or the dealing out of a pack of  cards, are put into data that software can translate by using a technology called optical character recognition (OCR). This allows interaction between the player and the game as if it was a virtual casino game. The results are presented through real-life action and not through an automated process.

These sorts of games are much more expensive to host by websites than are virtual games, because bigger investment in both technology and staff is required. A casino studio that is live typically employs an additional cameraman, a number of croupiers who run the different games, an IT manager who ensures that technical problems are solved quickly, and what is called a pit boss who acts as an adjudicator when disputes crop up between croupiers and players. A live studio is required, a software / server room, as well as a room for the analyst. The rooms vary depending on the casino. Some have a number of gaming tables in a single room, while others dedicate one table to one room.

Because of the expense involved with the operation of a live dealer game, only some casinos offer it and the games are limited to blackjack, roulette, baccarzt and sic bo. The overheads for virtual games are low and online casinos for real money offer to players simply hundreds of casino games to choose from on their websites.

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